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  • Piotech has undertaken two projects of “National Science and Technology Major Projects” with a total investment of 870 million RMB. These two projects contributed critical strategic technology and products to meet the mid to long term national technology development plan of China.

    (十一五3.5亿 + 十三五5.2亿)

  • Our research and development partners include Tsinghua University, Fudan University, Institute of Microelectronics, focusing on technical innovation.


  • The Company provides China produced semiconductor equipments and also compete at the international market.


  • The Company built a leading R&D and production environment to support the high requirement of thin film equipment production including a world-class clean room and top notch lab equipments.


  • Social RecruitmentBuilding the world's leading film equipment company

    JoinBuilding the world - class industry base of semiconductor film equipment

    Campus RecruitmentPIOTECH - Uncommon because of love

    Pay and WelfareA general feeling for the staff

    Senior MessageFrom the guidance of the elders

    Staff CharmShow the stage of self

  • Good and Direct Communication Channels
  • Attitude
  • Positive and Constructive Attitude
  • Responsibility
  • High Standard of Discipline
  • Self Respect
  • Highest Ethical and Moral Standards
  • Result Oriented
  • Fair and Open Principle in Employee Assessment System
  • Piotech Co., Ltd., founded by a group of high-tech professionals in the semiconductorindustry from United States in April, 2010. Since then, the Company has undertakentwo projects of "National Science and Technology Major Projects" . The Company isdevoted its business to research, develop, and produce the world leading thin film de-posit equipments used in the large scale integrated circuit industry, and aims tobecome the solution provider to nano scale thin film production technology.


  • Two National 02 Major Special Projects
    (115.35 billion + 135.52 billion)

  • Tuojing cooperates with Tsinghua University, Fudan University and Institute of Microelectronics of Chinese Academy of Sciences in a wide range of projects to tackle key technical problems.

  • The whole equipment has reached the leading (only) level in China and the advanced level in the world.

  • New Dust-free Workshop
    technological lead

  • Recruitment SchemeEstablishment of the World's Leading Thin Film Equipment Company

    Join the extensionBuilding the World First-class Semiconductor Thin Film Equipment Industrialization Base

    School enrollment planTouching Jing Science and Technology, Extraordinary Love

    Salary and benefitsGive employees a sense of home

    Seniors' messageGuidance from seniors

    Employee demeanorA stage for self-expression

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